Happy 2012 love from Gawa!

The very first week of 2012

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G for Great

A for Amazing

W for Wonderful

A for pAradise

 for ZORRO!! (carried away now)

Bongala-tee daElectric BabySweet Moon

Gawa trick shots of full moon

Okay – its 3am on my birthday and thanks to the wonders of technology i just got had a chat with Jod on the other side of the world in the big apple.   Oh – now it’s actually 3:26!?  Today we are driving to Galiwink’u for sugar.  And milk.  To make a bithday cake?  Nah – we are going out of necessity as we are low on nearly everything.  And now I am low on sleep as well 😦  These shots may seem a bit boring all squished together like this – but hopefully you can make out the letters spelling “Gawa” at least….it is not actually an easy thing to do, spell with the moon on a long exposure.  But I reckon they’re cool.  I also have a lot more uploaded photos to go into the slideshow, however it looks like the only thing to do there is delete it and begin again, and I’m not having any of that!   The boys have been huntin like banshees these past few days (also jingeralla, guminyarra, gurrorru & my wawa from another mother lati) bringing a turtle in which I helped prepare (as a dental nurse helps a dentist lol) and little sharks and 3 different types of stingray – possibly the best one being the leapard printed “Bambi”.  SO we’ve been eating bambi.  Actually I have decided that, like Spider Jerusalem, I just *love* eating endangered species.  MMMMM – protected meat, forbidden seafood urgh!!  Well – I am going to post this, and then do another post with my NYE pics, and some from Sal.



Lati with a Bambi rayKangaFront GardenHoney for the worker bees

They needed a hand here easy 90kg

Dancing for miapinnoTrailer Park BoyHunter BoyzAn EntJalay & sibGunderoy is a good boy for helping GunnumurraLati Winni & Gumminurragawa beach portraitSun Sets on Gawa BayWet Season VegetationGenerator Shed