Getting Crowded Out

Getting Crowded Out.


About Wini

If you want to know about me, I think that's good - its nice to care about others, to get out of your own head. Perhaps I will update this with some personal details, but I'd encourage you to write and challenge, or say hi - that's how you can get to know about me, and I about you. One thing I do know, is that I belong to Jesus Christ, and He sent a prophet, Isaiah, who said "Fear Not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name, You are Mine". I don't know what my thoughts were when I began this blog. I've not updated it since I knew the that the Bible was true. The world will do everything it can to keep you out of the Bible - or to undermine it if you do. But facts are facts: God is good. He doesn't lie. He has given us a roadmap, His Living Word. I apologise to any Christians that have read this blog in the past, and been offended by any of its content. Some day I'll get around to deleting it, God willing. One of the truths about loving the Lord, is that you begin to hate sin. Of course we all hate heinous acts like murder and rape, and we all hate suffering and death. Jesus set us free from all that. The worst day I have in this mortal body is going to be the worst day I have, period - but for you who reject your creator, and the free gift of salvation through His Son : your best day in this life? That is it. And every moment in Heaven will be better than that. Ain't much of a contest...if you are not saved, you may think you have a reason. Please contact me - because I wager that the reason is something much more selfish than what you claim... So - this is a test blog. I'm using it to get up to speed, and to practice on, and if you contat me I will be happy to send a link to my self hosted site when its up. Meantime I'll keep writing - on topics close to my heart of course, such as aboriginal issues (e.g. I support homelands, turtle hunting, 2 language schooling, and I am deadset against damaging government programs like Centrelink and pushing the Internet on a People who have never had alcohol and didn't grow up with television...its enough to make you weep when you find out that there is no word for suicide in the Yolngumather - the Peoples Tongue or Languages - and yet now we are getting the highest rates of suicide among the aborigines and also blokes in rural areas. Whitefella, Blackfella - its the same issue: this country used to fear God, and now the arrogance of the Elite govt policy is hitting us where it hurts. A book I recommend : Why Warriors Lie Down to Die, applies to us all. When you destroy the role of men, and tell us that we are no longer required, the Americans shoot each other - we just knock ourselves. Apart from my heart for aussie men of all stripes, I absolutely also advocate for the protection of the smallest guy in the room, the unborn, and I am fully against the pornography industry, and I bitterly despise what the LGBT industry lobby has done. For the sake of a tiny fraction of the country, now all children are having their innocence torn from them down to 3 and 4 years old. You know why. "Out of the mouths of babes comes truth and clarity" : kids know what's what. And the Elites are doing their level best to stuff them up too. In 30 years there will be a revolution of children sueing my generation for the disgraceful way we have robbed them of their childhood. Anyway - I'm not all serious, I love the Lord, and I am a true convert - after believing the narrative of evolution and millions of years for most of my life, and gaining degrees in applied science I noticed serious logical fallacies and a religious devotion to unproven theories - and I recommend that if you too open your mind and consider for a moment the words of 2 Peter, then examine the evidence, that you will find that you just might be looking at evidence of a global flood that completely changed the Earth 5000 years ago, as opposed to the ridiculous concept of uniformitarianism they push on us from a very early age (mosty in sci fi and fiction you will agree if you are honest). So. Enjoy my content, I'd love to hear from you - good and bad or ugly. Meanwhile have a wonderful day out there :~]
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