Elcho feels Echoes of Cyclone Grant

More wet season flowers, and some images of clouds & the big cyclonic tides

…and some scaly friends like Sammy here!

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Boxing Wallababy

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Boxing Day


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Wet Season Flowers 2

Wet Season Flowers 2

Close up

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Wet Season Flowers 1

Wet Season Flowers 1

In the dry these look like dry roots in the sand

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Beach Party before the rains of Cyclone Grant

Ok I just lost a massive post where I wrote all about last weekend, and included photos, with sizing and margins, and included many funny anecdotes that are now lost forever.

Does anyone have Blogger’s URI??


I’ll try to remember *sigh*

First I had a long winge about how Gummunurra (in the wheelchair) has no carer, or a hoist – he has muscular dystrophy and I wish he had more help.  It hurts him when you get him in and out of the chair to bed, and he has some function left like if you put his foot on his knee, like in the picture, he can drink and eat himself – but he used to run around and do everything.  Its a degenerative disease.   Picket your local member!

Beach Party! 

Last Saturday night the boys built a cubby on the beach, and I made a fire with flotsam and driftwood – then we had claps and yidake (didgeridoo) and a lot of traditional dances.  The traditional dances were the Baru dance, and the Orange footed scrub fowl and the traditional nightclub idiot robot dance, As performed by yours truly.

Of course as you can well see, people were very impressed by my mean styles and smooth technique.

Looking forward to blowing them all away next time the rain clears enough for us to have a Christmas party!

Really though, it is a fantastic experience, – Lati and Gangeruy

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Wet Season brings new wildflowers to Gawa in 2011/2012


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